What payment methods do you accept?

•           MasterCard

•           Visa

•           American Express

•           Discover

•           PayPal

•           Purchase order


Can my company cancel my agreement at any time?

Yes. Either party may terminate this agreement with a 90-day notice. Termination for any reason by either party does not diminish Client responsibility to pay for inventory balances as described in Inventory Section or Returns Section of this agreement.

Any notice given under this Agreement shall be given in writing by personal delivery, overnight delivery, or United States certified or registered mail return receipt requested, and shall be addressed to each party as shown below, or to such other address, or to the attention of such other person or officer, as either party may by written notice designate.


Is my store customized for my brand?

Yes. We’ll setup your store to meet your brand guidelines.


Are online transactions secure?

All payments are securely processed over SSL, which is a 2048-bit RSA-encrypted channel. No card information is stored.


What if my company does not meet the minimum spending level?

The subscription term begins 30 days after signup. Following each anniversary date of the term year, if the store has not achieved the minimum spending level during the previous 12 months, a maintenance fee will be invoiced which varies based on the level of the store program.


Are there any order minimums on products?

There are no order minimums on any of the products offered within the corporate store catalog.


How long do products take to ship?

Most products are made and shipped within 48 hours.


Is my company required to pay for inventory up front?

No inventory is required. However, there are some products that do not fit within the print-on-demand model that need to be stocked, which we will source and inventory. Purchase of such items may be required upfront.


What is your standard delivery method?

Freight options for USPS and major freight carriers are shown with pricing and ship time at checkout for customers to select.




Do you print orders in house?

Yes, we decorate our own goods for control of quality and speed. We also have access to a network of experienced decorators that assist with orders if/when needed.